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What is the By-Stander Effect?

Picture of the by-stander effect

Can you imagine watching a man attack, rape and kill a young woman for an hour and a half and do nothing? Your immediate reaction is probably ‘Absolutely not!’ What if you were in an apartment building and the violence was so obvious you just figured someone else would have already called the police, so…

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Response To The Grand Jury Report On Child Sexual Abuse By Priests

Women’s Resources of Monroe County stands with the victims recognized in the grand jury report that was released on Tuesday August 14th 2018. We recognize that news coverage about sexual abuse, transcripts of victim testimony, and the resultant conversations amongst our friends, neighbors and family can often be traumatic and bring about feelings of helplessness,…

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An Open Letter to the Silence Breakers

Dear Silence Breaker,  We believe you. Regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, age, or legal status. As a domestic and sexual abuse crisis center, we operate separately from the legal system and have no authority in playing judge and jury over your story. We’re here to listen, provide you with options, and empower you…

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