A Call for Solidarity

Calling our Community To Action Last week, the world watched as another unarmed black man was killed by a police officer in front of witnesses and on camera. The fact this happened during a global pandemic has amplified the inequities in public health access and economic equality embedded in our culture. Our hearts go out…

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How COVID-19 is affecting Children at Home

  Why does COVID put children at a higher risk of abuse? Due to the fact that children currently are doing school at home and some parents are not currently working or out of jobs. This could put children at a greater risk for either witnessing abuse or being abused themselves. They are not around…

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What is the By-Stander Effect?

Picture of the by-stander effect

Can you imagine watching a man attack, rape and kill a young woman for an hour and a half and do nothing? Your immediate reaction is probably ‘Absolutely not!’ What if you were in an apartment building and the violence was so obvious you just figured someone else would have already called the police, so…

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