Domestic Violence - PFA’s

Under Pennsylvania law, if you have been subjected to any of the following types of abuse, you may be able to obtain a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order:

  • Attempting to, or intentionally or recklessly causing bodily injury, serious bodily injury, rape, spousal sexual assault or involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with or without a deadly weapon;
  • Placing another in reasonable fear of imminent serious bodily injury;
  • False imprisonment, as defined under the crimes code;
  • Physically or sexually abusing minor children; and/or
  • Knowingly engaging in a course of conduct or repeatedly committing acts toward another person, including following the person, under circumstances which place the person in reasonable fear of bodily injury.

If you are considering requesting a PFA from the court, we suggest you first talk it over with one of our legal advocates. The Legal Advocate can help you look at what might happen as a result of filing your PFA petition. A PFA is just one part of a larger plan to be safe from abuse. Sometimes there are unexpected, and undesired, consequences, so consider creating a safety plan with your counselor as well.

Call our 24-hour hotline at 570-421-4200 to discuss your options.