All services are available for anyone affected by abuse, and are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

Our Safe House/Shelter provides shelter for victims, both with and without children, who are fleeing domestic abuse, in a communal living environment. We offer a safe, abuse and violence free living environment where you may access options: counseling, employment opportunities, housing information and individual advocacy, comfort and security where you can explore your options.

The Shelter location is confidential and secure.

Often for the first time, those who are staying in our Shelter are exposed to a living situation that is free from violence. Children learn by example that one can live without violence, which can help break the cycle of violence. Staff model non-violent behavior and encourage adults to use non-violent parenting alternatives with their children and non-violent conflict resolution with other shelter residents.

To inquire about access to Shelter you must call our 24-hour hotline at 570-421-4200.


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